Managing your car rental company in the palm of your hand.

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8 modules integrated and developed thinking about the greater efficiency and organization of your car rental company


Customize the system according to the needs of your rental company
Create and manage access profiles, add cities served, vehicle categories, extras; amounts charged by category, city and period.


The consultation module was developed for you to have quick access to the most used information on the day of your rental company, such as:
Vehicle availability consultation; Generation of automatic budgets; Deliveries of the day with pdf issue; Returns of the day with pdf issue; General Agenda; Logistics.


Have all your vehicle information centrally;
Expiration of the license, insurance, maintenance, occupation in the year, current, past, future leases and all of its history.


View all necessary information about your customer
CNH, card, e-mal, telephone, address, leases / contracted services


Manage all your created budgets, send to your client in pdf automatically,
Create a reservation from your budget, have data on how many are being generated and how many are being converted into reservations.


Have control of income and expenses coming through your leases;
Consult the financial provisions by date, amount of payment, confirm the correct account, see balances, transfers and issue financial reports.


Create and manage your locations in a practical and integrated way;
Know the status of your rentals, issue vouchers and contracts automatically, digitally sign, attach images of returns, control the fuel of your vehicles and much more.


Monitor your company based on numbers;
View monthly billing indicators, percentage of occupancy; Average daily ticket, search by city and more.

How much is it worth to your rental company?

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